What is MySQLdiff?

MySQLdiff is a little Tool to detect layout differences between two databases.

Almost every developer knows the that changes of the database on the developement system have to be logged in order to update the live-system later on.

To make this easier the tool MySQLdiff has been developed. Not as a real project but ...

MySQLdiff will create a SQL-ALTER-Script which has to be run onto the live-system to 'patch' it to the state of the developement system.

How much does MySQLDiff cost?

MySQLdiff is Freeware so it does not cost anything, all rights for MySQLdiff will stay at Lippe-Net Online-Service in Bielefeld, Germany. The scripts themselves can be freely copied, but must not be changed (except the configuration file) or resold neither in behalf of Lippe-Net Online-Service nor in any other name.

Some legal information.

The software ist published as freeware. Therefore Lippe-Net Online-Service will not take any responsibility or reliability for any problems or errors that potentially could appear by using MySQLDiff.

Errors and features.

If you have found errors or any feature requests you could contact us via email errors@mysqldiff.org resp. features@mysqldiff.org.